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Madonna and Lourdes appeared side by side at the Oscars looking equally striking though in some quarters they were both criticised for their outfits Personally I didn't like Madonna's black lace dress split to the top of her thigh, not because I thought she should have been wearing something more appropriate for her age, but just because I think black is quite draining on her. And Madonna is Madonna. She has always pushed the bounds of fashions and she still has a stunning figure. Fragile large products suck as big statue, ceramic pots, stone products etc, are wrapped and then a wooden frame is constructed to hold and protect the object during shipment. Silica Gel sachets are added to all packed products. All packed items or boxes or crates are numbered and contents listed and correlate to the packing list and shipping invoice for your easy reference once you receive the shipment.. A 3-course lunch at the Chinese in Mile End Road was 5 Shillings or 25p. Beer was 1/8d a pint for bitter (about 8 or 9p). I think petrol was about 5/- (25p) a gallon although I didn't have a car but contributed to others who did and gave lifts. Consumers cannot be fooled and the makers of Ed Hardy are affirmative in delivering what the clientèle rightfully deserves. The vintage designs that every Ed Hardy shirt carries makes the buyer and the wearer a smart individual. Having purchased on a piece of Ed Hardy is investing on an outfit that is sure to last many fashion trends and is wearable that it never goes out of style. Giant British high street retailer Selfridges, as part of its recent Bodyzone month, featured a parlour in its London store which proved so popular it has become a permanent feature. But not all parlours have proved so successful. It was reported this month that a piercing parlour in Dundee, eastern Scotland, had been shut down because of concerns about dirty equipment and customers had been offered blood tests for hepatitis B and C and HIV.. With Fashion Week happening in New York City from February 7-14, new clothing trends are splashing across TV and computer screens, newspapers and magazines. If this media blitz has piqued your child's interest in fashion, Style Savvy: Trendsetters is a great way to expand that interest into learning about the business. This handheld game for the Nintendo 3DS puts the player in charge of running a fashion boutique.. I see girls with chunky legs that think the sky high heels make their legs look thinner, but actually they can't walk in them and they don't make the leg look thinner or lighter. Wear what you can walk in. There are plenty of kitten and mid heels that people can actually walk more gracefully in and when you are walking gracefully, not matter what size heel you have on you look good..

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Donna Karan's Fashion Week collection gets a test drive - Donna Karan test drove pieces of her fall collection before she sent them down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week on Monday. "I took it last night. I couldn't wait to wear it," Karan said in a post-show interview after greeting guests Uma Thurman, Gretchen Mol and longtime friend Bernadette Peters. The goal, she explained, was clothes that work for the woman always on the go, with many interests, demands and pleasures. That sure sounds like Karan. She called the collection "Sensual, Soulful, Sculptural," and there's an emphasis on sculptural, making a dedication in her notes to her late husband, sculptor Stephan Weiss. "His art and soul - is a part of me." There was a rawness to the collection, and it seemed like it came from the heart. The opening look - one of the best - was a black draped "bodydress" with a fluid, almost liquidlike, cape on top. It was modern yet timeless, and wearable to the large base Karan appeals to. There were a lot of body-conscious stretch and jersey looks, as there usually are on this runway, many topped with coats that were textured and interesting, and had a lot of design packed in. She mixed neoprene and cashmere and made a taffeta down puffer jacket. Some dresses stand on their own, including a dramatic pewter-colored jersey evening dress with a cape-style back in the seductive style Karan masters. "I believe the body talks a language all its own. Depending on your DNA, these clothes say something new every time, and create a statement all your own," Karan said..

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